Governor Signs Dial’s Legislation to Save Money on License Plates

By Gerald Dial

On Wednesday, Governor Robert Bentley signed into law legislation by Senator Gerald Dial (R-Lineville) and Representative Randall Shedd (R-Fairview) that will save the state of Alabama tens of thousands of dollars over the coming years. The legislation creates a centralized, print-on-demand database at the Alabama Department of Revenue’s Motor Vehicle Division to organize all specialty license tags available to Alabama motorists. When an Alabama motorist applies for a specialty tag at a local county courthouse, the specialty tag will be mailed to the applicant from the Motor Vehicle Division in Montgomery. Until now, each county’s probate court was required to keep on-hand a specific number of every available specialty license tag, resulting in an excess inventory of license plates.

“This is common-sense legislation. Cutting down on duplication is smart government, especially when a probate office might have one or two requests for a particular tag per year,” remarked Senator Dial. “Now if someone requests a specialty license tag, it will be routed through a database in Montgomery, and the tag will be sent by mail, saving the state a lot of money.”

Senator Dial’s legislation also authorizes the Motor Vehicle Division to create a Bicentennial license plate to honor the upcoming 200th anniversary of Alabama’s entry into the United States, and allows the state to issue motorcycle license plates for all distinctive license plate categories. Also, immediate family members of fallen soldiers will be eligible to receive a distinctive “Alabama Gold Star Family” license tag at no cost under Senator Dial’s bill.

“Alabama has sent thousands of soldiers off to war,” said Senator Dial. “The families of fallen soldiers can now honor the memory of their loved ones with new, special tag at no cost. The Gold Star Family tag serves as a quiet reminder of the sacrifices made to keep our state and nation free.”

Senator Dial serves as Chairman of the License Oversight Committee.

Senator Gerald Dial represents District 13 in the Alabama Senate, which includes all or parts of Randolph, Lee, Cleburne, Clay, Cherokee, and Chambers counties. He serves as Chairman of the Senate Health & Human Services Committee. Gerald and his wife Faye reside in Lineville.