Abortion Clinics Could Not Be Located Within 2,000 Feet of K-8 Schools Under New Senate Proposal

By Paul Sanford


MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama State Senate acted today to place on abortion clinics a similar proximity-to-schools restriction that already exists for liquor stores in the state. Senator Paul Sanford (R-Huntsville) sponsored Senate Bill 205, which says the Alabama Department of Public Health cannot issue or renew licenses of abortion clinics located within 2,000 feet of a public K-8 school.

“If we currently protect a physical buffer between students and liquor stores, it is common sense that we would protect them from attending school near an abortion clinic,” said Senator Sanford. “This will not mandate any abortion clinic to shut down, but I have no problem if it forces a clinic or two to move away from our kids.”

Alabama would be one of the first states to have a school proximity provision for abortion clinics.

“Protecting life – both born and unborn – is a top priority of Senate Republicans. I commend Senator Sanford for bringing forth an innovative way to shield our impressionable students from negative influences,” stated Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed.

“Abortion clinics can attract unrest and protest – from people on both sides of the issue – and therefore can pose a public safety risk to young students,” concluded Sanford. “Having an abortion clinic so close to an elementary school that children are required to walk on the sidewalk past the clinic is not in their best interest.”

Senator Paul Sanford is a Republican representing District 7 in the Alabama Senate, which is within Madison County. He is a small business owner, restaurateur, and entrepreneur. Follow Senator Sanford’s legislative updates on Twitter: @CitizenLawmaker.