Alabama Senate Passes Stolen Valor Act With a Unanimous Vote

By Bill Holtzclaw & Phil Williams

Today the Alabama Senate passed the Stolen Valor Act by Representative Steve Clouse (R-Ozark) and Senator Bill Holtzclaw (R-Madison), a retired Marine. The Stolen Valor Act imposes a minimum fine of $5,000 and makes it a Class A misdemeanor for a person to falsely represent themselves as a recipient of a military decoration or medal (including, but not limited to the Purple Heart and Silver Star) in order to obtain money, property, or a tangible benefit. It would be a Class C felony for a person to falsely use the Congressional Medal of Honor in such a fashion under the Stolen Valor Act.

“As a combat veteran and a retired Marine, I find it disheartening that anyone would dishonor the service of our veterans,” said Senator Holtzclaw. “The Stolen Valor Act ensures there is a penalty when people falsely represent themselves as decorated veterans for their own gain.”

The Stolen Valor Act passed the Senate unanimously and is headed back to the House for consideration of the Senate’s revisions.

“I have the honor of being a third-generation Army officer, and my son currently serves as the fourth generation,” said Senator Phil Williams (R-Rainbow City). “It is outrageous that some people would dishonor the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, and I am glad to see the Senate unanimously pass this bill to protect the honor and reputation of our veterans.”


Senator Bill Holtzclaw represents Madison and Limestone counties in the Alabama State Senate. Follow him on Twitter for the latest legislative updates: @billholtzclaw

Senator Phil Williams represents District 10 in the Alabama State Senate, which is comprised of all or parts of Etowah, Cherokee, St. Clair, and DeKalb counties. He and his wife, Charlene, make their home in Rainbow City. Follow him on Facebook at or on Twitter for his latest legislative updates: @SenPhilWilliams