Legislation by Sen. Gerald Allen Expands Castle Doctrine to Vehicles

By Gerald Allen


MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Yesterday the State Senate passed legislation by Senator Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa) to allow Alabamians to carry loaded handguns in their personal vehicles. Under current law, people must apply for and purchase a handgun permit before they can carry a loaded pistol in their automobile.

“This is about protecting the fundamental right of Alabamians to protect themselves, their family, and their property,” Allen remarked. “You shouldn’t be required to get a pistol permit to carry a loaded handgun in your own car.”

Senate Bill 14 is an extension of the Castle Doctrine –which says a person has a fundamental right to protect their home with a firearm, should they so choose- to personal automobiles.

Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi allow adults to carry loaded handguns in vehicles without a gun permit.

“Americans spend dozens of hours in their vehicles every year, going to and from work, school, and their homes. We ought to make it as easy as possible for Alabamians to protect themselves in their automobiles,” Allen concluded.

Senator Gerald Allen represents District 21 in the Alabama State Senate, which is comprised of all or parts of Tuscaloosa, Pickens, and Lamar Counties. He is chairman of the Senate Transportation and Energy Committee. Follow him on Twitter for his latest legislative updates: @SenGeraldAllen