Melson Secures Funding for Domestic Violence Prevention & Support

By Tim Melson

Legislation helps protect domestic violence victims, increases education efforts

Senator Tim Melson (R-Florence) today passed legislation to provide significant funding for the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ACADV). Senate Bill 123 ensures that ACADV will receive $169,633 for fiscal year 2016.

“A Senate Republican legislative priority this year is to protect families and children,” said Senator Melson. “Providing adequate funding for domestic violence support and prevention will give hope to people who find themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation.”

The ACADV is a nonprofit organization that works to prevent domestic violence against women by exposing its root causes. They also help victims and their families rebuild their lives through non-violent means.

“Senator Melson has been a champion for victims of domestic violence. He shows true compassionate conservatism in the bills be brings and the causes he champions,” stated Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed.

The legislative proposal also has an accountability mechanism to protect taxpayers, requiring ACADV to provide an operations plan and audited financial statement quarterly and annually. SB123 now heads to the Alabama House of Representatives for consideration.