Rusty Glover’s Bill Limits Special Elections, Saves Taxpayers Money

By Rusty Glover


Montgomery, Ala. – On Thursday afternoon, the Alabama Senate approved Senator Rusty Glover’s (R-Semmes) proposed constitutional amendment allowing a seat in the State Senate or House of Representatives that is vacated on or after October 1 of the third year of a four-year term to remain unfilled, removing the requirement for a special election.

As reported by on Friday, the Secretary of State’s office estimates that each special legislative election costs taxpayers at least $120,000.

Glover’s bill was approved with a vote of 27 to 0. Currently, under the state constitution, when an elected office is vacated, a special election is called regardless of the length of the term left.

“I’m thankful to my colleagues for working with me on this common-sense legislation,” Glover said. “Special elections are a drain on taxpayers and the state budget, and if a special election is held at end of a term, those elected may not even have an opportunity to serve in a legislative session, due to quirks of the electoral calendar.”

“For instance, in House District 4 up in north Alabama, you have a situation where there are special primary, run-off, and general elections being held to fill the seat – but whoever wins the special general election on May 15 won’t even serve in a legislative session, since April 23 is the last possible day of the 2018 session,” Glover continued.

If SB15 passes the House of Representatives, Alabamians will be able to vote on the constitutional amendment in November on the statewide general election ballot.

Senator Rusty Glover represents Mobile County in the Alabama Senate. Senator Glover is a retired teacher, and he and his wife, Connie, make their home in Semmes. Contact his Senate office at 334-242-7884.