Senate OKs Rusty Glover’s Resolution to Keep Alabama on Daylight Saving Time

By Rusty Glover

Montgomery, Ala. – The Alabama Senate considered a resolution by Senator Rusty Glover (R-Semmes) to put the state on permanent Daylight Saving Time earlier today. Twenty-seven Republican and Democratic Senators joined Senator Glover in sponsoring the motion, which was adopted.

Glover’s resolution, which asks President Donald Trump and the federal Department of Transportation to enact the change, was also sent to other state legislatures, asking them to consider similar motions. Glover says the common-sense legislation would have clear benefits and remove a needless institution that has significant detrimental effects on Alabamians.

“This is something that Alabamians overwhelmingly want,” Glover said, “and the research is clear: Daylight Saving Time is an unnecessary vestige of a bygone era that has become a burden on our citizens. I want to thank my fellow legislators for joining me in this resolution and I urge lawmakers around the country to do the same.”

The federal Uniform Time Act of 1966 forbids states from remaining in Daylight Saving Time year-round. Any changes at the state level would require Congressional approval before it could be enacted.

Daylight Saving Time was originally instituted as a way to conserve energy during World War I: clocks “spring forward” one hour on the second Sunday in March. Clocks “fall back” one hour the first Sunday in November.

Rusty Glover represents Mobile County in the Alabama Senate. Senator Glover is a retired teacher. He and his wife, Connie, make their home in Semmes. Contact his Senate office at 334-242-7884.