Senator Melson’s Bill Allows a Bible Elective in Alabama Schools

By Tim Melson

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Senator Tim Melson’s bill authorizing public schools to offer an elective examining the Bible and its influence on history, government, law, literature, and culture was approved by the Senate Education and Youth Affairs committee on Tuesday afternoon.

The legislation would also allow schools to display artifacts, monuments, symbols, and texts related to the course.

“The Bible has had an immense impact on every aspect of our culture. It has informed our laws, our literature, and guided many of this nation’s greatest leaders,” Melson said. “I look forward to Alabama students having the opportunity to examine this transformative book whose impact is realized across the world.”

According to the text of Senate Bill 391, the elective course would familiarize students with the contents, history, literary style and structure of the Bible, as well as teach students about Biblical characters, poetry and narratives that are useful for understanding history and contemporary society and culture, including art, music, social mores, oration and public policy.

“There is no denying the beneficial impact that the Bible has had on our culture,” said Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed (R-Jasper). “It is right and good that Alabama students be given the opportunity to study its place in our society’s history and way of life.”

The bill now heads to the Senate floor for consideration.

Senator Tim Melson represents District Six in the Alabama Senate, which is comprised of all or parts of Madison, Limestone, and Lauderdale counties. He is a retired anesthesiologist and deeply involved in community service. You can reach his Senate office at (334) 242-7085.