Senator Reed Streamlines Appeals Process for Surface Mining Commission

By Greg Reed

The legislature gave final approval today to a bill by Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed (R-Jasper) that positively affects the Alabama Surface Mining Commission, which is located in Jasper. Reed’s bill cuts government costs and streamlines the appeals process at the Commission. It states that appeals of the Surface Mining Commission’s decisions will exclusively be held in the Walker County Circuit Court.

“We are cutting down on government costs and providing a central location for appeals in a single court located across the street from the Commission,” said Senator Reed. “Prior to this legislation, the Commission had to potentially travel to dozens of counties across the state when its decisions were appealed to various circuit courts, with members staying overnight in hotels as court cases involving its decisions were heard.”

“Now, the Commission – and by extension, taxpayers – will save thousands of dollars in travel costs as court business will take place across the street at the Walker County Circuit Court,” Senator Reed continued. “This is a small example of how government costs can be trimmed with smart legislation, and I remain committed to cutting government spending whenever feasible.”

Senator Reed continues to be a strong champion of Alabama’s mining and coal industry, even as the Environmental Protection Agency hands down regulations from Washington D.C. that harm Alabama’s coal and mining jobs.

“As of 2012, over 45,000 Alabamians were employed directly or indirectly in the mining industry,” remarked Senator Reed. “I will do everything in my power to protect those jobs from excessive federal regulations.”

The legislation has passed both the House and Senate, and now goes to Governor Robert Bentley for his signature.

Greg Reed is the Alabama Senate Majority Leader and represents Senate District 5, which is comprised of all or parts of Winston, Walker, Tuscaloosa, Jefferson, and Fayette counties. He is vice president of Preferred Medical Systems, a representative of Samsung Healthcare. Sen. Reed and his wife, Mitsy, have three sons: Andrew, James, and John Michael.