Senators Del Marsh and Arthur Orr Introduce Proposal to Bring Accountability to Higher Education Spending

By Arthur Orr & Del Marsh


MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Thirty-two states –including Arkansas, Florida, and Georgia- use performance-based formulas to determine higher education spending. Alabama could be poised to join them soon.

This week, Senators Del Marsh (R-Anniston) and Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) submitted a plan in the Alabama Legislature to create an advisory council on outcome-based funding for Alabama’s community colleges.

“The goal here is to bring more accountability to taxpayer dollars that are spent by higher education institutions,” Orr remarked. “The Legislature appropriates over $1.5 billion annually to Alabama’s colleges and universities, and we need a mechanism for rewarding those institutions that are providing great value to Alabama’s students.”

According to Senate Joint Resolution 85, the advisory council will develop an outcome-based funding model for the allocation of Education Trust Fund appropriations to publicly-supported community and technical colleges in Alabama.

“We appreciate Sen. Marsh and Sen. Orr working with the Alabama Community College System and letting us have a seat at the table during this process of creating an outcomes-based funding model,” said Jimmy Baker, Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System. “This process is in line with our vision of providing all Alabamians with an affordable pathway to succeed through quality education and training. We look forward to working with the Legislature to create a funding model that ensures we are accountable with every dollar provided to us and shows the successes of our students.”

“Making government more accountable to the taxpayers is a top priority of the Alabama Legislature,” Marsh said. “We are committed to making any changes necessary in order to achieve that goal.”

“I want to commend Senator Orr and Chancellor Baker for their work on this resolution and I look forward to working with both of them in order to put the outcomes-based funding model into practice,” Marsh continued.

Senator Arthur Orr is a Republican representing District 3 in the Alabama Senate, which is comprised of all or parts of Morgan, Madison, and Limestone counties. Senator Orr is the Chairman of the Finance and Taxation Education Committee. Follow him on Twitter for the latest legislative updates: @SenatorAOrr