State Senate Passes Tim Melson’s Bill Modernizing Rules Governing County Superintendents

By Tim Melson

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama Senate took up Senate Bill 153 by Senator Tim Melson (R-Florence) Tuesday afternoon, legislation that would allow county superintendents of education the option to have additional employment outside of their duties as superintendent, an opportunity that city superintendents already possess. The bill passed 29 to 0.

Under existing law, county education superintendents are not allowed to have additional employment of any kind. Additionally, they are limited to $600 in travel expenses annually. Both of these restrictions would be removed.

City superintendents have never been subjected to either of these restrictions.

“This law regulating our county superintendents was written over 90 years ago,” Melson said. “This legislation modernizes the current code and puts city and county superintendents on an equal footing.”

Melson’s proposal preserves the current power county boards of education have to negotiate contracts with superintendents, but simply removes the penalty for acquiring additional employment. A superintendent’s contract with a county board of education could still bar additional employment.

“I am grateful to Senator Tim Melson for his work on the superintendents equalization bill,” Limestone County Superintendent Dr. Tom Sisk said. “This bill addressed and corrected a number of inconsistencies in state law. Senator Melson’s continued support of public education is again evident by this bill he sponsored, and other education bills he has supported.”

Melson’s bill now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Senator Tim Melson represents District Six in the Alabama Senate, which is comprised of all or parts of Madison, Limestone, and Lauderdale counties. He is a retired anesthesiologist and deeply involved in community service. You can reach his Senate office at (334) 242-7085.