Sen. Holtzclaw’s Bill To Support Disabled Veterans Passes Senate

By Bill Holtzclaw

Today the Alabama Senate passed Senate Bill 263 by Senator Bill Holtzclaw (R-Madison), a retired Marine. SB263 recognizes the military experience of state employees who are disabled veterans by allowing the state Personnel Department to consider the military experience of a state employee when evaluating veterans for promotion.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs asked me to sponsor this legislation – veterans have unique leadership experience, and this bill says the state can consider that experience when evaluating employees for promotion,” said Senator Holtzclaw. “In the private sector, you have instances where companies will recognize the training or certification a veteran received in the military, and this bill allows the state Personnel Department to do something similar.”

“With the possibility of sequestration and BRAC on the horizon in 2017 or 2018, there may be many veterans applying for private sector and government jobs in Alabama,” remarked Senator Holtzclaw. “Especially for veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan, it is important we recognize their military experience when evaluating them for state employment or promotion.”

SB263 now goes to the House for debate.